The Male Lead’s Substitute Wife

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When Su Yaya awakened, she found herself in a novel world as the CEO’s Substitute Wife–-a mere cannon fodder. Knowing that divorce and a tragic ending was awaiting her once her look-alike, the President’s first love returns, Su Yaya only trusted one thing: Money. She curried favor with her husband each day, saved up resources,…

When Su Yaya awakened, she found herself in a novel world as the CEO’s Substitute Wife–-a mere cannon fodder. Knowing that divorce and a tragic ending was awaiting her once her look-alike, the President’s first love returns, Su Yaya only trusted one thing: Money.

She curried favor with her husband each day, saved up resources, and served him as a faithful wife. It was better to leave a good impression on him before separation so she could avoid her death flags.

The overbearing President was very satisfied with her and personally gave her his platinum card: “Take it and buy anything you’d like!” Su Yaya happily accepted. Of course she would take advantage of his pampering before the female protagonist appears!

As the CEO unexpectedly falls deeper despite this transactional relationship, he never imagined that his wife would one day disappear from his side.


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  1. Snow

    For the link, click on “LINK” and it’ll take you to Kitty’s patreon page. The links are posted there under MLSW.

    Thank you for the translation! ♡

  2. Aerin

    Thanks for the chapter. Just checking if you’re continuing with the rest of the novel 😊. I do hope so.

  3. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t the director say something? How can they let this happen? I mean the shot is basically ruined, right?

  4. DayLo

    Really Dad?! When you daughter needs your support the most you don’t let her mom call her, but now that it’s turned around, you want to know the story?? 🤦🏻‍♀️ Your behavior and attitude are just as bad as the rest of your relatives!

  5. DayLo

    This Yuting girl is horribly stupid! She’s lusting after CXQ but wants to use her sister to force Yaya and him apart. Then what?? Steal your own sister’s man? If CXQ won’t break up with Yaya because of you but does break up because of your sister, you think you have the ability to beat your sister?? How dumb are you?

  6. Kay

    Haha betting it was a photo of her and bro Xu. Not surprised he’s got eyes on her or at least eyes on possible paparazzi news so he can block it.

  7. DayLo

    Even if it’s a contract marriage, why must it be secret? Well, maybe the contract part, but what’s wrong with them being married?? If you aren’t proud of who you married, then you shouldn’t have married.

  8. Lol I just wish that she goes to countryside to live her life cause she thinks he fell in love with an yutong but then he acc didn’t and came to countryside to get her back

  9. Batata Anisia

    Hmmmm, boss is stalking her, isn’t him? Extreme possessive mood is now open! 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter ☕

  10. uavgas

    What will hubby think when he hears that Yaya walked to a hotel with another man and got in the same elevator? He is going to open a vinegar factory for sure.

  11. Batata Anisia

    Why do I feel like Boss will drink some good vinegar? Lol
    Thanks for the update 💛

  12. Anan

    Oh? When others did that to you, they are despicable. But you did that to others, you are oh-so-wonderful person? Lol

  13. Anan

    “Noble Lady Tong, played by Su Yaya”

    It should be the other tittle isn’t it

  14. v

    Lol that’s definitely not the case! She’ll only get worse. Hold back? Ha. I hope Yaya doesn’t actually start playing nice again

  15. DIvette

    She doesn’t do an ultrasound or check his belly? Ammm this aunti has a super power to diagnosis like that… fail for the autor, do more research

  16. Novelcrazy

    Big thanks for bringing the year long of wonderful chapters.

    Happy New year! Cheers to a brighter 2021 and stay safe

  17. Kyoko Mogami

    Eu acho Su Yaya um pouco idiota por até agora não ter percebido a mudança de sentimentos de Chen Xiuqi

  18. Batata Anisia

    Boss is so clever!! But even so, he will suffer a good amount soon lol
    Thanks for the update (Merry Christmas ⛄🎄!) 💕

  19. happyholidays!

    Aaaah! When will she leave CXQ? I’m also waiting for XCR to have a better ending; not necessarily a second male syndrome but he really deserves better

  20. Libraryrocker

    My heart.

    Su Yaya: I am an honest sugar baby okay?!?


  21. libraryrocker

    Su Yaya is alright so I’ll let you become a movie emperor.


  22. veronica talita alves bueno silva

    i… i…. this novel is killing mee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that freak couple make me fell bad, like fisical and psicogical pain. thats so wrong in many ways… i just keep reading, because my dream is wach chen reaction when [if] she ask divorce, and discover her true self.

  23. Anonymous

    okay that i never ate durian, but as a south american i am really mad!! The real king fruit is our pineapple!!!!

  24. libraryrocker

    … still good guy card. XD XD XD


  25. libraryrocker

    Won the lottery!! But all I got was a good guy card… XD XD XD


  26. libraryrocker

    I will eat millions of durians while you are gone!! And spicy food!


  27. Em

    Ahahaa.That true Su yaya,I agree with you.Who that dislike durian is someone who have no fate with food.

  28. FanKing

    Su Yaya had only scratched her elbow and sprained her ankle. She would recover with just a few days of rest. But Xu Chengkun was worse off than her. He was the one who protected her when the platform fell down, so the pieces of wood it was built on hit him instead. Besides receiving many abrasions, one of them happened to hit him right on the shoulder, fracturing a bone on his left arm. It would take a hundred days to heal. After the doctor helped to set his right arm in a cast, he asked him to rest for a long time and to try his best not to use his left hand.

    Maybe our beloved author made an error. If the fracture is on his left arm, why would the doctor helped set his right arm in a cast??.

  29. libraryrocker

    I admire this smooth retreat.


  30. Kakti

    Really, who eat durian while staying in hospital. The smell will travel through out the hospital that has air condition and will really become stinky. I do love durian, but that’s a very thoughtless act.
    In Malaysia where most people love durian, customers are ban from bringing durian into hotels because the smell is to piercing.

  31. Anan

    I’m glad I read this after AVP bcs that one is wayy to angst for me rn.

    But Yaya, why would you have smut novels lolll

  32. libraryrocker

    Being a sugar baby is hard work.


  33. きつね

    Oh…Yaya, be careful. Those who being too nice to you usually have other motives.

  34. きつね

    Haiya, why you make the not attractive people this bad? Just take care of your own life, and don’t bother others if they didn’t bother you first.

  35. Batata Anisia

    Well, we now have 2 options:
    1- Boss go there, show how he is really 😟 about her and starts to get into Yaya heart.
    2- Boss go there, found her talking to other man, and be jealous.

    I prefer the 1 one, because in the second one boss is just shooting himself in the foot

  36. anonymous

    but but… i don want yaya to do that..
    right now, i really want to slap some sense into her so that she can see that chen xiuqi’s love for her is genuine… my brain hurts AHHHHHH (screams out of frustration)

  37. anonymous

    ahhh, how peaceful…. it makes me nervous thinking about what was to come in the next chapters 😬

  38. Batata Anisia

    Call boss before he get into berserker mode! Hahahahahaha
    Thanks for the update 💕

  39. Jessabell

    Oooooooohhhhhhh! Is this smell the one from a second lead? Smells like I’m going to fall in love with the one who doesn’t get the girl at the end~ *sobs*

  40. Batata Anisia

    Our Su Yaya must be safe in order to let Big Boss crazy! You Mr. Plot-sama, don’t you dare to play around her, are you listening to me??!!!!
    Thanks for the update 💕

  41. Batata Anisia

    This is a stunning woman, that’s for sure HAHAHAHAA
    Thanks for the update 💕

  42. Batata Anisia

    I can tell you Mr. president: basically, she does not wanna use your influence, so later she will not be necessarily in trouble without you~ 😀
    Thank you for the chapter 💛😊

  43. Batata Anisia

    Yes, Su Yaya! Be like a proton, be positive! XD
    Thank you for the chapter 😊💛

  44. Scarlette

    In really can’t imagine someone being sexy, innocent, and charming at the same time 😅

  45. Midnight-flurry

    Seems like Chen Xiuqi is into role play. LOL. Poor Su Yaya being played to exhaustion by the big pervert. Just wait till she attempts to leave the big bad wolf. I predict some S&M if he had his way. Thanks for the update.

  46. Batata Anisia

    They are just so calm now… Problems will found them soon lol
    Thank you for the update 💕

  47. Tharrinne

    Poor Yaya…. Even though she has a strong carefree personality I still pity her.. Chen Xuiqi doesnt deserve her

  48. jessie23red

    why is it that they never realize that not opposing the Female lead is what leads to the story changing? The whole reason he rekindle his relationship with female lead was because the Villainous wife Scheme’s kept pushing them together, making their bond grow stronger. With her acting like this she is just going to make him fall in love with her 4 real and he will have no reason to divorce her.

  49. Passerby

    Oh dear… Saying someone else’s name to your hubby…. this is going to be awkward