The CEO’s Villainess Childhood Friend

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When Qiao Moyu awakened, she found herself in a novel world and had become the villainess who was loathed by the President, the story’s male protagonist. Qiao Moyu, the President’s childhood friend, came to his door whilst holding a baby, but the man said he won’t take any responsibility since the child wasn’t his! As…

When Qiao Moyu awakened, she found herself in a novel world and had become the villainess who was loathed by the President, the story’s male protagonist.

Qiao Moyu, the President’s childhood friend, came to his door whilst holding a baby, but the man said he won’t take any responsibility since the child wasn’t his!

As she stared at her adorable and proud little toddler, Qiao Moyu decided to take this chance to raise her son while having a fresh start in her acting career. As for the other problems, she’ll just take it easy!

However, a few months later ~

President: “You’re not some disgusting mosquito blood, you’re my white moonlight (first love).”

Luo Luo: “Mama, he’s not Baobei’s father. Baobei doesn’t want him.”

A certain Film Emperor: “I want both you and the child.”

Online fans: “Qiao Moyu is ours!”


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  1. Irritablemarine

    The real winner is that Qin girl, she’s coming off in this show as a good girl and she gets to make friends with the goddess of fortune.

  2. Irritablemarine

    Sure the slow burn romance is great and all, but the wholesomeness of mom and son are what really give this novel it’s kick.

  3. Mej

    This book is one of the best…Hoping for more chapters huhuhu..cant get over with just 230 chapters…I love the FL and ML they’re both awesome

  4. Mrs. B

    Very satisfying!!!!!!!! From start to end it’s very satisfying. No major drama, no unnecessary misunderstanding, only fluffff, full of flufffsss. Thank you So much for translating this story!!

  5. sansukini

    I do feel sorry for him, in a way but I think he deserves losing her. If the original Moyu is alive and still chasing after him, he would have been blind till the end. I do admire that he chose not to pursue her anymore after knowing that she’s really with Ye Peicheng.

  6. Sansukini⁷ (@chubbysue16)

    Xing Yi Chen, this guy doesn’t deserve her, doesn’t even deserve the original MC. How fickle and narrow minded

  7. Brother Yu, please live with me? You don't need those male leads!

    Pft! These old gezeer… please remember your age! 😂

  8. scarletnatsu

    Qiao Moyu, please give me your blood. Just a drop is okay too. I’m so need that luck in my life. 😂

  9. Nefertari

    This novel is good for fluffy read but I really don’t like all this Taoist things🙄. This is so unnecessary and boring.

  10. Just A Stray

    She got to see her bro again OwO So adorable. This story was just so awesome <3

  11. Kobold

    The most I like about thia book is that iy is not tipical. FL doesn’t end up with the scumbag Male character just because he was her childhood lover.
    FL in many other stories end normally still end up with ML who has been treating her like trash, even raping the FL and trampled over her dignity.
    But Spoiling their women with luxurious things later after that are considered enough to make up for his sin.
    What messages do the authors want to send to the young female readers with such books, please?
    I like that our FL here is not such hopeless stupid one.
    CEO Xing’s remorse is useless, his excuses are all worthless.
    He was 17 and she was 13. The fact that such a little girl was so brave and determined is already showing how useless man he is.
    And then with such a minor injury, he only resented the girl for not visiting him but he didn’t even try to find the reason why and where she went.
    Her family was rich, not useless one and 17 yo was not a clueless child.
    He is simply such a self centered alpha male.
    He only knew to put the blame on others for his own lack of effort, his uselessness.
    And then… even if he didn’t love her anymore and had a new GF, the FL was still his childhood friend, they grew up together. His treatment to her was unacceptable no matter what.
    And then when the transmigrator ignored her and fell for another man he still accused and disdained her as disloyal to her old affection.
    WTF… Only idiots would still choose a scumbag who treated her like trash instead of a nice man like YPC.
    Any woman with clear head would prefer to be with YPC.
    How come he still have a face to even ask her to takr him back.
    He should be glad enough that she didn’t try to take revenge on him.
    So… I am really really happy that she end up with YPC.

  12. Park_Rosé

    Wow disgusting crazy fans. Why can’t they accept their idol being in a relation? Celebrities are also a normal human being. Because of this kind of crazy fans kpop idols can’t date😡

  13. BP's Rosé Is my love

    Aww so our Ml is virgin. And he gave her 1st kiss to her. So sweet.

  14. chen x yu super fan!!!! suck it xincheng

    LMAO it’s the besties who were fighting over the top donations. i can’t stop laughing at their antics!!!!

  15. Sean

    Lovely… The story flows nicely the plot is great… And the ending is sweet… Definitely my cup of coffee… I wish that it might be taken to be made into movies. I definitively will watch it… Bravo to the author n special thanks for the translator whom make me able to read this lovely story.

    Thanks n stay healthy everyone.

  16. ✨Reading enthusiastic✨

    Tbh I personally wanted to see more of him being regretful since the time I read the chapter of original host diary part and even wished him to know that the original Qiao Moyu who loved him dearly is already dead and him to cry to his lungs out. Coz you see, even though the original Qiao Moyu was really stupid in love but she was still really genuine and her end is really pitiful so he deserves more sufferings than now he feels.😑

  17. ✨Reading enthusiastic✨

    Yeaaahh!!! He is novel world’s best Father-in-law ever!!! So smart!!🤩🤩

  18. Tsuda

    I loved it! The story, the characters, the humor… Thank you for your hard work!

  19. K. S.

    I honestly enjoyed this story so much!! It’s been a while since I read a contemporary romance so I’m grateful this little funny thing exists. This cure my heart after a bad read. Thank you so much whoever translated this, you made my day!! 💕💕💕

  20. My gosh, my tears’ overflowing. This was HONESTLY a good read. This is the 1st/2nd time a novel had me confused over who the FL would end up with, and I’m glad the ChenYu ship sailed! Really love the characters, mostly father Ye, haha. Also, I’m glad that the r18+ contents was moderately given.

    The ChenYu moments during the courting stage made my single heart ache tho, huhu. Anyways, I’m satisfied and SUPER happy right now. Thank you!

  21. MY GOD, THANK YOU for this story. I was moved to the bone, I really appreciate your work and bring us this beautiful and magnificent story💕 thank you with all my heart. Cheers!!!!

  22. anonymous

    i sacrificed my sleep to read this. all the suffering… im finally satisfied now. i can finally sleep in peace 😭😭😭

  23. anonymous

    i love the Author’s Afterword! it gives the feeling of someone is accompanying you reading this. *sobs in single*

  24. anonymous

    i really really REALLY want her to end up with Ye PeicCheng. IM DECLARING IT NOW: IF SHE ENDS UP WITH XING YICHEN (hope i didnt get that bastard’s name wrong), IM DROPPING THIS NOVEL. PLEASE HEAVENS, let my ship sail in peace :)))) Upon contemplation, i dont think she is suitable for the Xing guy becaus of the sister. I’ve read my fair share of novels and can vouch that usually the MC doesnt end up with the potential love interest because of the sibling that have some ‘bad feelings’ for the MC. in a few rare cases, the MC does end up with them but like i said ‘FEW RARE CASES’. i think i made my point. sorry if my English is bad because it’s not my first language.

  25. mrv173

    Yaaaaaa!!! Ye Peicheng çok tatlı😍😍😍😍 bölüm için çok teşekkür ederim😍😍😍😍

  26. CLL

    Thumbs up! A beautiful short romantic novel with all kinds of emotional ups and downs throughout. Thank you for the translation!

  27. Huneybomb


  28. Thank you for the chapters!! I forgot it was moved here, lol XD

    On a note:
    She recalled how if it weren’t for Ye Peicheng who had exposed the video, Xing Yichen wouldn’t be that harsh with her.

    Maybe it should be Ye Peiqing instead of Peicheng :))

  29. Veeazaa

    hahahaa so smooth~~ i love how he offers his self to her, okay, please the male lead def is peicheng right, omooo

  30. Veeazaa

    ummm…. im confused, looking to the tittle, it looks like xing yichen is the male lead, but i dont like how he try to drag her down, hope the film emperror is the male lead instead ToT

  31. Kuro Tatsu

    I subscribed in your webtoon, translator! I really like how straight-forward this story is unlike the other chinese novels/manhuas with bastardy ML.. and battered MC.. really, this is agem! I hope there will be a lot of upvotes. Thank you soooo much for sharing this~ 🥰😊

  32. yorozuyaginchan

    He wanted to r**e her? Does he know only these schemes? Either arranges someone to be r**ed or tries to r**e someone.

  33. Rio Yamamoto

    Fun read, main couple were adorable from the start! Although, it was slightly cliche.

    Though, I believe how the couple got together could have been executed better. ML was way too overbearing, it was a bit of a turn off. Though, it was still enjoyable and didn’t effect the story too much since is was very late in the novel.

  34. Kuro Tatsu

    Seriously! This should gain a lot of upvotes! Thanks translator! 🥰 Can’t wait for the next! 🥰🥰🥰

  35. Maria Alcantara

    Good story but I feel sad I had to wait. But thank author and translator❤️

  36. Tharrinne

    I wonder why this is underated.. it is funny and relaxing no too much drama and unwanted to much misunderstandings. Plus MC’s have great attitude and chemistry. It’s hard to predict the next thing to happen. And I want to be part of the Sect too 🤣 Daoist Priest Qin Yin bless us also XD

  37. Tharrinne

    I hope there will be a mass release until the finale… please . When will be the next chapter release?

  38. Tharrinne

    Ohh my thank god YP saves the day…. He warned you.. yet you didn’t listen haha… now he can finally easily removed you from the company. 😊