Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce

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Gong Yi Mo crosses into a different time and space from her modern era. In this new world similar to ancient China, she became an influential princess who introduced various technologies and inventions that unfortunately caused devastating war. She fell in love with the handsome emperor, Gong Che and helped him rise to power, but…

Gong Yi Mo crosses into a different time and space from her modern era. In this new world similar to ancient China, she became an influential princess who introduced various technologies and inventions that unfortunately caused devastating war. She fell in love with the handsome emperor, Gong Che and helped him rise to power, but he soon left the willful and strong Gong Yi Mo for the gentle white lotus named Su Miaolan. Betrayed by the man she loved and branded as a villainess, Gong Yi Mo was hunted down by another one of Su Miaolan’s admirers, the dangerous Regent Prince, Gong Jue.

As she bled to death under Prince Gong Jue’s sword, Gong Yi Mo vowed that if she had another life, she would never fall in love again. To her astonishment, she went back in time to when she was still a young little princess in the cold palace! This is the story of her second life in this world!


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  1. Anonymous

    Is this novel dropped? ‘Cause there is no update for almost a month for now

  2. Anonymous

    I stopped at 188 I don’t understand anything anymore. Maybe I’ll pick this up again and read it from the beginning once it’s finished

  3. Yurim

    I love it, been reading since chapter 10 and have sticked ever since. The hiatus last year really bummed me out, really glad to see you guys are back!!

    There are some bits where Gong Jue needs to chill the f down, but all is good!!!

  4. Chiqi

    Does anyone know if this is going to keep updating? I didn’t see it in the original server.

  5. Bloop

    I want a lover too…. 😔

  6. DayLo

    Is this before or after he got done by that guy he was going to sell Jin Yun to? Cuz I’m wondering if he went a bit crazy himself after that night.

  7. DayLo

    She’s giving him hope, for what?! When he becomes more powerful than even his father emperor, he’ll expect her to submit to him. Then what? She should have left it as both of them being unwilling to just be a follower, that makes more sense to me.

  8. Angry@TheAuthor

    I have so much grievances to yell out, but let’s put aside how MC’s IQ went offline… But how could the author just sink my ship like this?

    Jin Yun is the only person I’ve accepted as the ML…

    Not just because of his sacrifice and devotion in his previous life but also how he’s treated MC currently.

    The way he’s treated her is filled with respect and care…

    Unlike the two psycho brothers, he loves her but he’s selfless and he’s careful around her and wouldn’t force his feelings onto her or demands her to love him…

    This might be due to him feeling inferior but at least he didn’t become twisted and want to poison her to keep her by his side.

    That’s what I called love. Not some insane obsession and possession…

    Yandere is fun to read but not fun to experience.

    Sigh x 10

    MC might as well go become a nun.

  9. Anonymous

    I don’t like him, I don’t like him at all! I don’t care how much he loves her and how strong and great he is, he is just forcing himself on her! He doesn’t care of her feelings, just wants to satisfy his own impulses and can’t control himself at all, talk about having weak mental state, I think they will end up together but I hope not

  10. Bloop

    His attitude makes me softtt.
    I know that he’s a tyrant but right now, let me enjoy this cute gong jue…
    Still jin yun(?) is my otp

  11. Abby

    Who the fck is that gossiper?! I wanna beat him! He’s the reason why Yi Mo wouldn’t even meet Jin Yun to say goodbye 😭😭😭

  12. Abby

    ‘cuz….’cuz Jin Yun lives here 🥺
    I know it’s stupid but can’t you at least visit him again or just take him with you? 🥺

  13. Abby

    This is the couple that we’ll never have 😭😭

    Don’t kill Jin Yun, please 😭😭

  14. Coconut

    I hope he can let go, then time skip when he’s more mature, cuz by this rate I feel stuffy like after eating 10 sweet potatoes with no water OAO

  15. TH

    Aiya I finally caught up and at a cliffhanger! Thank you for translating this series, it’s a lot deeper than the other reincarnator/transmigrator series out there. An unexpected surprise!

  16. Novelcrazy

    Big thanks for bringing the year long of wonderful chapters.

    Happy New year! Cheers to a brighter 2021 and stay safe.

  17. Anonymous

    I really love this step father of Gong Yimo. He is such a tsundere. Thank you so much for the update.

  18. Jingurei

    Although I’m not happy that she treats either of these two brothers decently I am happy to know that she makes both of them suffer by not accepting their feelings (right away).

  19. Anonymous

    He lived three lives. The last is repeated. has a private area. There should be a lot of things to aid in escapes. I should be prepared against the psychopathic mother, who tried against her before. I hope the tragedy does not happen again.

  20. Bloop

    Jin yunnnnnnnnnnn :’(

  21. Bloop

    I’m readying my eyes and heart for the heart break that is sure to occur.

  22. Bloop

    How dare you do this to mah boi jin yunnnn.
    Feckin’ terrible my doods.

  23. Lou

    I feel sorry for Jin Yun, he’s such a great guy and really has strong feelings for her.

  24. Anonymous

    She has a greater bond with Jue. She resists him a lot due to several factors, but it was also what most progressed to her heart.

  25. Anonymous

    💔 Yimo lived three lives for nothing. She didn’t discover the feelings of any of them, in fact she chose to ignore it to cause more pain later.

  26. Anonymous

    This kindness didn’t do any good. There was no need to kill her master, just this princess who will cause endless problems for everyone.

  27. Anonymous

    Both are completely obsessed. For love or hate they will never get enough of it.

  28. cunningmouse

    Go Jin yun prove you can protect her man….thank you for the smooth translation.

  29. Elamorgana

    Hola gracias por traducir esta historia hace tiempo queria leerla…cuando es la fecha de actualizaciones

  30. Anonymous

    Crazy woman. Yimo helped so much, and in the end he barely receives gratitude.

  31. Anonymous

    I feel sorry for both. Although he acts crazy, his concerns are valid. If he leaves, she’ll run away and maybe not come back.

  32. Anonymous

    She lived a lifetime in the ancient era. Children needed to mature quickly. Even she wanted to find a wife for him herself.

  33. cunningmouse

    Thank you for the translation.. I really love Jin Yun..and knowing the ending Im happy for him

  34. Bloop

    I know that jin yun isnt the endgame, but let me fantasize a little longer :’(

  35. cunningmouse

    Oh no why do every man Gong Yimo meets has its own distinct charm that is hard to resist for every reader. Thank you so much for this chapter and the wonderful translation.

  36. cunningmouse

    I was disappointed I thought she will kill Long Hangyan and her master will go with her

  37. cunningmouse

    I thought I will not have a chance to read this because word excerpt was redefined…Thank god I click this….love lotssss

  38. Lady Nyein

    Poison her or distory her cultivation Yimo. So that she will not dare to cross you again. 😠😠😠 Garrr

    Thanks you for the Chapter.. ❤️

  39. Anonymous

    I kinda wish her master will get reborn too… Smarter this time.

    Thank you translator!

  40. Bloop

    Huwah!! I was shook for a moment when i opened the tab for this and the error screen showed up, thankfully i found it again on nu. Long Hanyan is such an arse, smh

  41. Gumdrop Yoongles

    I love how after everything she has just gone through she never forgets Gong Jue 😂 RIP Gong Che ur feelings will never be reciprocated

  42. Thank you for the translation!
    Side note: this story is getting crazier and crazier. At this point it’s best for our mc to go away and deal with her feelings rather than being pushed into a corner by Gong Jue. Forcing someone to stay by trying to commit suicide is some wild psychological manipulation.

  43. Miya

    you can’t just stop in the middle of their kiss. that’s unethical. also, the chapter is already short as it is, why the fk are you guys splitting the short chapter in half. that only left a few words for each update.
    what the heck is this scam

  44. Sadie

    Im mad that he stole her thunder. How come she was the one originally threatning suicide but hes the one that actually attempted! Gongyimo can never catch a break lmao

  45. Catphony

    Yoooo…. yall both got points but both uses of analogies are messed up man….Hitler? C`mon, you’re being too extreme over this. I mean, yeah their reference to the curry is light but you went off the deep end with Hitler…. they never said anything about that so don’t even try to get pressed over something they never even brought up…

    Anyways, this story is a matter of preference and opinions, so feel free to feel anything you like about what’s happening. Just don’t try to fight with people’s logic? We can have a civil debate but like… honestly- to each their own. We shouldn’t make people feel bad about their opinions, especially if it does not hurt anyone irl 😒 I usually don’t comment often but it’s getting spicy for no reason up in here lol

  46. just passing through

    She literally would rather hurt herself than be with him…. What part of that do you think is healthy???

    She says outright and even her actions show that she doesn’t want to be with him but he really disrespect her wishes, violently I must say.

    For him, it’s a right thing to confine her as long as she stays with him but for her, that’s really unpleasant, stressful and she’s REALLY UNWILLING. One side thinks it’s right, one side doesn’t.

    Yes, different people have different things they deem as ‘right’ but using food as an analogy? Really?
    Beats me how spicy people make curry can be compared to how people think they can hurt other people just because they think it’s ‘right for them’.

    If that is how you want to see things, then Hitler must be a nice guy too because although he commits genocide, he’s only doing what he thinks it right 🥺 lmao

  47. Eunieberry

    I’ve read this in a book forgot what the title is but it basically stated that the norms of the society is nothing but a complete bs. They just decided things out for their own convenience, who are others to judge what you are or who you are? Why categorised things and make everything abide the so called norms that the society deemed as “Normal” or “Right” Something like that. Like what is a healthy relationship? It’s not like we can really base it using our own standards like what if for other people what we think of as “heavy” or “unhealthy” is actually what the parties involved need? Like, it’s just what’s right for them. For example when someone cooks curry. Some people would prefer something spicier than the standard spicy curry or when putting sugar on your coffee, they say 2-3 tbs should be enough but for other people they need 10 or more to enjoy the coffee and Because for them that’s the best choice.

  48. Mai Chan

    I want them together but… Also not. His love for her is problematic by the standards of our society, there’s an unhealthy element to it. But at the same time, I kinda want things to work out. I just hope he learns to love her in a more healthy way.

  49. Humbledaisy

    I’d like to see what she can do on her own – she’s already changed so many people’s lives. Keeping her down (imprisoning. her, drugging her, trying to ruin her chastity) – she needs more than that. Go find that master, Gong Yimo, make your own way!